Creating a 23 Research Things programme

Today is the launch of the 23 Research Things programme that I have been working on and developing for the past few months. A lot of work has gone into it and over the next few weeks I will blog about the various Things as and when they are released. But I also wanted toContinue reading “Creating a 23 Research Things programme”

Warning! Nerd post alert!

So, as I’m sure you have realised, as technology progresses, so does the need for the average librarian to know more and more about tricky tech. To be honest, most average people need to know more about tech! I had been having issues with my lovely Lenovo laptop overheating and turning itself off without anyContinue reading “Warning! Nerd post alert!”

23 Things, Thing 21

So Thing 21 is all about podcasts. I’m not all that sure as to how much statistically podcasts have really taken off over the years, but I know I have never really used the purely audio varient. I can see the benefit of them and how flexible they allow for radio listeners to be ifContinue reading “23 Things, Thing 21”