UX apps to make your research easier (and more fun!)

I reviewed a few apps this week for the plasma slides that we have in the Information Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School and I enjoyed some of the apps so much, I just had to share them. Two of these apps were part of my plasma slide lot and the third was inspired┬áby aContinue reading “UX apps to make your research easier (and more fun!)”

30 New Media Tools in 30 Minutes

I have just got back from a really interesting session at the Judge Business School, run by Meg Westbury who also co-led the session on chat services in libraries that I wrote about a while ago. This session was a whirlwind experience of Meg cramming in 30 interesting new tools into 30 minutes! I wasContinue reading “30 New Media Tools in 30 Minutes”

Warning! Nerd post alert!

So, as I’m sure you have realised, as technology progresses, so does the need for the average librarian to know more and more about tricky tech. To be honest, most average people need to know more about tech! I had been having issues with my lovely Lenovo laptop overheating and turning itself off without anyContinue reading “Warning! Nerd post alert!”