23 Things, Thing 13

Reflection week! To start, enjoy this youtube video from the user 100disks featuring their kitten and a mirror. Right, now all the reflection-related cuteness is over, I shall start reflecting upon the more serious topic of 23 Things so far! In the original Cam23 post for Thing 13, Libby Tilley recommends taking the VARK questionnaireContinue reading “23 Things, Thing 13”

23 Things, Thing 11

Thing 11 is exploring the nifty website called Slideshare and how it can be useful and appropriate to libraries. I have browsed Slideshare before. Just as fellow UL’er Rachel Marsh mentions in her blog post on the topic, I first knew about Slideshare after Tony Hirst was unable to make the libraries@cambridge 2010 conference dueContinue reading “23 Things, Thing 11”