23 Things, Thing 18

Blimey! Thing 18 already! And with only another five Things to go, 23 Things is rapidly coming to a close! I never thought I’d manage to get this far but I have so yay! So, Thing 18 is all about Zotero. When I first started blogging about the 23 Things, Zotero was one of theContinue reading “23 Things, Thing 18”

23 Things, Thing 16

Thing 16 focusses on Facebook and the use of the social networking site by libraries and other library-related people and companies. I find that if you still do not have a Facebook account then you’re either really behind or really ahead and have realised the privacy issues and have jumped ship! Either way, I thinkContinue reading “23 Things, Thing 16”

23 Things, Thing 15

As you can see above, I have had some great fun and success with figuring out LibraryThing. My library can be found here. I haven’t added everything that I own but I reckon what I’ve put together represents my reading tastes pretty well. I found setting up my LibraryThing profile and adding books to beContinue reading “23 Things, Thing 15”

23 Things, Thing 14

Yay! Thing 14! LibraryThing! Wooo! Incase it was not obvious, I’ve been really looking forward to investigating LibraryThing for quite sometime. I’m a huge fan of anything that allows for you to share your music, book and film tastes with the world. I suppose this love first started with Last.fm which “scrobbles” your music tastesContinue reading “23 Things, Thing 14”

23 Things, Thing 13

Reflection week! To start, enjoy this youtube video from the user 100disks featuring their kitten and a mirror. Right, now all the reflection-related cuteness is over, I shall start reflecting upon the more serious topic of 23 Things so far! In the original Cam23 post for Thing 13, Libby Tilley recommends taking the VARK questionnaireContinue reading “23 Things, Thing 13”

23 Things, Thing 12

Mmm-hmm! That looks like some delicious spagetti bolognese. But of course, Thing 12 isn’t about food (even though that would be brilliant!), its about Delicious, the bookmarking website! I’ve seen the Delicious icon at the bottom of most of the articles that I read online now and I always wondered what it was, but neverContinue reading “23 Things, Thing 12”

23 Things, Thing 11

Thing 11 is exploring the nifty website called Slideshare and how it can be useful and appropriate to libraries. I have browsed Slideshare before. Just as fellow UL’er Rachel Marsh mentions in her blog post on the topic, I first knew about Slideshare after Tony Hirst was unable to make the libraries@cambridge 2010 conference dueContinue reading “23 Things, Thing 11”

23 Things, Thing 9

Thing 9 is something that I have been greatly looking forward to exploring in the context of libraries because it is something that I already use and love! Thing 9 is all about Flickr! I’ve been using Flickr for quite a while and I really like it. I used to use DeviantArt for a lotContinue reading “23 Things, Thing 9”

23 Things, Thing 8

So thing 8 is all about tagging and how beneficial (or non-beneficial) it can be! The first task was to read Clay Shirky’s Ontology is Overrated which is interesting and makes some good points. I personally agree completely with Shirky’s view that the periodic table of the elements is “Best. Classification. Evar.” It is fabulouslyContinue reading “23 Things, Thing 8”