CILIP 2014 Hustings: membership fees #cilip2014

I thought I would do a quick blog post about last night’s CILIP 2014 Election Hustings rather than try to pick it apart on Twitter as 140 characters can only provide so much. I had a question answered that I had posted on Twitter about the current fees tiers and if they were linked toContinue reading “CILIP 2014 Hustings: membership fees #cilip2014”

#cilipnpd13 Workshop B: Developing professional skills

Workshop B: Developing professional skills Mandy Powell, Policy Officer, CILIP Wales Intro So, while I have blogged about each workshop from the New Professional Day in detail, Mandy’s session was quite different as it involved breaking up into groups and discussing stuff while writing even more stuff down on sticky notes and then presenting ourContinue reading “#cilipnpd13 Workshop B: Developing professional skills”

#cilipnpd2013 Workshop B: Heaven or Hell: my life inside – a career in prison libraries

Workshop B: Heaven or Hell: my life inside – a career in prison libraries Chris Billing, Librarian, HMP Haverigg Intro Chris started by explaining that she has worked in prison libraries for 25 years. In prison terms, this would be equal to a life sentence without parole! Chris is currently the Vice Chair of theContinue reading “#cilipnpd2013 Workshop B: Heaven or Hell: my life inside – a career in prison libraries”

#cilipnpd13 Workshop A: Digital libraries: modern skills mix for modern library services

Workshop A: Digital libraries: modern skills mix for modern library services Nick Stopforth, Head of Libraries and Information, Doncaster Council Intro Nick started by explaining that he is also a member of the Society of Chief Librarians (SCL) and is the lead representative for their digital offer project. Nick started working in libraries in 2001Continue reading “#cilipnpd13 Workshop A: Digital libraries: modern skills mix for modern library services”

#cilipnpd13 Keynote presentation: A librarian by any other name…

Keynote presentation: A librarian by any other name… Barbara Band, Head of Library and Resources, The Emmbrook School & CILIP Vice-President Barbara Band can be found on Twitter and she has a Vice-President page on the CILIP website. Intro Rather than talking about an overview of the library and information profession, Barbara said that sheContinue reading “#cilipnpd13 Keynote presentation: A librarian by any other name…”

30 New Media Tools in 30 Minutes

I have just got back from a really interesting session at the Judge Business School, run by Meg Westbury who also co-led the session on chat services in libraries that I wrote about a while ago. This session was a whirlwind experience of Meg cramming in 30 interesting new tools into 30 minutes! I wasContinue reading “30 New Media Tools in 30 Minutes”

Chat reference enquiries

Today I went to a really interesting session about using chat for enquiry work in libraries, at the Judge Business School. The session was run by Meg Westbury (JBS) and Libby Tilley (English). It was a fascinating session that confirmed a lot of what I already knew about chat and presented interesting ways of copingContinue reading “Chat reference enquiries”

23 Things, Thing 21

So Thing 21 is all about podcasts. I’m not all that sure as to how much statistically podcasts have really taken off over the years, but I know I have never really used the purely audio varient. I can see the benefit of them and how flexible they allow for radio listeners to be ifContinue reading “23 Things, Thing 21”

23 Things, Thing 19

Marketing. That one word brings up a mixture of reactions for me. I feel a combination of terror shiver-down-the-spine and a touch of apathy. I have come to realise over the course of the 23 Things programme that I don’t get all this emphasis on being on every single online service going. Being on Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/Flickr/otherContinue reading “23 Things, Thing 19”