23 Things, Thing 21

So Thing 21 is all about podcasts. I’m not all that sure as to how much statistically podcasts have really taken off over the years, but I know I have never really used the purely audio varient. I can see the benefit of them and how flexible they allow for radio listeners to be ifContinue reading “23 Things, Thing 21”

23 Things, Thing 17

So Thing 17 is all about LinkedIn. The best way that I can describe LinkedIn from an outsider’s perspective is that it seems to be a professional version of Facebook. Instead of all your hobbies and favourite films, your profile consists of your work and education history. I have heard of people being head-hunted fromContinue reading “23 Things, Thing 17”

23 Things, Thing 16

Thing 16 focusses on Facebook and the use of the social networking site by libraries and other library-related people and companies. I find that if you still do not have a Facebook account then you’re either really behind or really ahead and have realised the privacy issues and have jumped ship! Either way, I thinkContinue reading “23 Things, Thing 16”

23 Things, Thing 13

Reflection week! To start, enjoy this youtube video from the user 100disks featuring their kitten and a mirror. Right, now all the reflection-related cuteness is over, I shall start reflecting upon the more serious topic of 23 Things so far! In the original Cam23 post for Thing 13, Libby Tilley recommends taking the VARK questionnaireContinue reading “23 Things, Thing 13”

23 Things, Thing 10

Following on from my post about Thing 9, here comes Thing 10 which is focussed on the more legal side of Flickr. There exists a handy protection licensing device called Creative Commons. This allows a producer of internet-based work, whether it is blogging, digital art or photography, to protect their creativity while also allowing otherContinue reading “23 Things, Thing 10”

23 Things, Thing 8

So thing 8 is all about tagging and how beneficial (or non-beneficial) it can be! The first task was to read Clay Shirky’s Ontology is Overrated which is interesting and makes some good points. I personally agree completely with Shirky’s view that the periodic table of the elements is “Best. Classification. Evar.” It is fabulouslyContinue reading “23 Things, Thing 8”