Mini update

Apologies for my blog being a bit dormant since November 2013. The main reason for this is that I have a new job! Since early January, I have been the User Experience Librarian at the Cambridge Judge Business School which is all exciting and new. I will blog about my role and what sort ofContinue reading “Mini update”

CILIP membership – update

I feel I should be honest with you as my readers. Since my shockingly popular post on the CILIP 2014 hustings and the topic of membership fees, I have actually joined CILIP as an associate member. My reason? I was asked by a colleague if I would be interested in being the Research Sector RepresentativeContinue reading “CILIP membership – update”

CILIP 2014 Hustings: membership fees #cilip2014

I thought I would do a quick blog post about last night’s CILIP 2014 Election Hustings rather than try to pick it apart on Twitter as 140 characters can only provide so much. I had a question answered that I had posted on Twitter about the current fees tiers and if they were linked toContinue reading “CILIP 2014 Hustings: membership fees #cilip2014”

#cilipnpd13 Workshop B: Developing professional skills

Workshop B: Developing professional skills Mandy Powell, Policy Officer, CILIP Wales Intro So, while I have blogged about each workshop from the New Professional Day in detail, Mandy’s session was quite different as it involved breaking up into groups and discussing stuff while writing even more stuff down on sticky notes and then presenting ourContinue reading “#cilipnpd13 Workshop B: Developing professional skills”

#cilipnpd2013 Workshop B: Heaven or Hell: my life inside – a career in prison libraries

Workshop B: Heaven or Hell: my life inside – a career in prison libraries Chris Billing, Librarian, HMP Haverigg Intro Chris started by explaining that she has worked in prison libraries for 25 years. In prison terms, this would be equal to a life sentence without parole! Chris is currently the Vice Chair of theContinue reading “#cilipnpd2013 Workshop B: Heaven or Hell: my life inside – a career in prison libraries”

#cilipnpd13 Workshop A: Digital libraries: modern skills mix for modern library services

Workshop A: Digital libraries: modern skills mix for modern library services Nick Stopforth, Head of Libraries and Information, Doncaster Council Intro Nick started by explaining that he is also a member of the Society of Chief Librarians (SCL) and is the lead representative for their digital offer project. Nick started working in libraries in 2001Continue reading “#cilipnpd13 Workshop A: Digital libraries: modern skills mix for modern library services”

#cilipnpd13 Workshop A: That media librarianship gameshow

Workshop A: That media librarianship gameshow Laura Williams, Media Logistics Coordinator, ITV Laura started the session by asking us what we thought her job entailed. No-one really knew so she gave us three key points: fast, under pressure, stay-in-the-game. Something that I certainly did not know was that librarians have a key role in makingContinue reading “#cilipnpd13 Workshop A: That media librarianship gameshow”

#cilipnpd13 Keynote presentation: A librarian by any other name…

Keynote presentation: A librarian by any other name… Barbara Band, Head of Library and Resources, The Emmbrook School & CILIP Vice-President Barbara Band can be found on Twitter and she has a Vice-President page on the CILIP website. Intro Rather than talking about an overview of the library and information profession, Barbara said that sheContinue reading “#cilipnpd13 Keynote presentation: A librarian by any other name…”

CILIP New Professionals Day 2013

I was lucky enough to be able to attend CILIP’s New Professionals Day this year. I wasn’t too sure what to expect but the day was really productive and massively inspiring. Being surrounded by fellow new pros and hearing about all the different ways in which I could mould my career into whatever I wantedContinue reading “CILIP New Professionals Day 2013”