CILIP New Professionals Day 2013

I was lucky enough to be able to attend CILIP’s New Professionals Day this year. I wasn’t too sure what to expect but the day was really productive and massively inspiring. Being surrounded by fellow new pros and hearing about all the different ways in which I could mould my career into whatever I wantedContinue reading “CILIP New Professionals Day 2013”

What’s going on around here?

So I’ve just tweaked the theme on my blog so sorry if it confused you! I quite like it! I realise that I have neglected this librarian blog quite a bit. I haven’t meant to, I’ve just been really really busy. I have completed my MSc dissertation, handed it in in September and I shouldContinue reading “What’s going on around here?”

How I work (or try to!)…

This post is directly inspired by the amazing Emma Coonan. I cannot even begin to claim that my post will even match her awesomeness. "How I work" challenge accepted @PriestLib @theREALwikiman ( and passed on to @scholastic_rat >-) — Emma Coonan (@LibGoddess) September 28, 2013 I’m not sure if anyone even really cares about howContinue reading “How I work (or try to!)…”

30 New Media Tools in 30 Minutes

I have just got back from a really interesting session at the Judge Business School, run by Meg Westbury who also co-led the session on chat services in libraries that I wrote about a while ago. This session was a whirlwind experience of Meg cramming in 30 interesting new tools into 30 minutes! I wasContinue reading “30 New Media Tools in 30 Minutes”

Chat reference enquiries

Today I went to a really interesting session about using chat for enquiry work in libraries, at the Judge Business School. The session was run by Meg Westbury (JBS) and Libby Tilley (English). It was a fascinating session that confirmed a lot of what I already knew about chat and presented interesting ways of copingContinue reading “Chat reference enquiries”

I love infographics!

I found this infographic on the fabulous Ange Fitzpatrick’s tumblr and I wanted to share it too! Click to enlarge I found the stats very interesting and some were more surprising that others. I was shaking my fist slightly at the fact that I am now just too old to be counted as the superContinue reading “I love infographics!”

23 Things 2.0

So, this is my first proper 23 Things post of 2011. I’m quite looking forward to this! Thing 1: Set up a Google ID and create an iGoogle page I did this last year and posted about it. I’m still using my iGoogle page as my homepage at work and it is rather handy! IContinue reading “23 Things 2.0”