23 Things, Thing 10

Following on from my post about Thing 9, here comes Thing 10 which is focussed on the more legal side of Flickr. There exists a handy protection licensing device called Creative Commons. This allows a producer of internet-based work, whether it is blogging, digital art or photography, to protect their creativity while also allowing otherContinue reading “23 Things, Thing 10”

23 Things, Thing 9

Thing 9 is something that I have been greatly looking forward to exploring in the context of libraries because it is something that I already use and love! Thing 9 is all about Flickr! I’ve been using Flickr for quite a while and I really like it. I used to use DeviantArt for a lotContinue reading “23 Things, Thing 9”

23 Things, Thing 8

So thing 8 is all about tagging and how beneficial (or non-beneficial) it can be! The first task was to read Clay Shirky’s Ontology is Overrated which is interesting and makes some good points. I personally agree completely with Shirky’s view that the periodic table of the elements is “Best. Classification. Evar.” It is fabulouslyContinue reading “23 Things, Thing 8”

Terribly belated 23 Things, Things 5 and 6!

Well I suspected this would happen. I would blog about Things as soon as they were launched and then feel pretty happy that I had kept on top of things. Then life would get in the way and I would get horrendously behind! I am two weeks behind now thanks to being busy and goingContinue reading “Terribly belated 23 Things, Things 5 and 6!”

23 Things Week 1 Thing 2

Good grief! My total page views over the weekend have spiralled up to a heady 52! Thank you all for making me feel relevant and well-read! I have now completed the second task for Week 1 of 23 Things and quite frankly it was a doddle! This was mainly down to the excellent step-by-step instructions on the 23Continue reading “23 Things Week 1 Thing 2”