Refreshing and readjusting

2019…it has been a year! Literally everyone I think the above quote captures my, and that of many other people, year last year. I started 2019 knowing that my job, and that of several other members of my team, was going to be restructured. Not drastically but enough to create a whole raft of challenges.Continue reading “Refreshing and readjusting”

How librarians support TDM in the research environment

I presented on the topic of how librarians can support text and data mining (TDM) in the research environment at the recent Text and Data Mining Symposium organised by the University of Cambridge Office of Scholarly Communication on 12th July. For anyone watching the livestream, I also gave a speech about ethics in librarianship during theContinue reading “How librarians support TDM in the research environment”

Top 5 things Millennials hate!

1. Sweeping generalisations of an entire age group based on poor scholarship. (see: digital natives) 2. Judgmental articles blaming Millennials for problems created by earlier generations. 3. Criticism of Millennials asking for (legal) fair pay and hours. 4. Being labelled as a selfish and apathetic generation when actually being engaged with global social issues. 5. BeingContinue reading “Top 5 things Millennials hate!”

So I’m a big fan of sharing practice and approaches, so this is me sharing my review of 23 Research Things…with stats!

Welcome to the 23 Research Things Cambridge blog! For those of you who haven’t been here before, 23 Research Things ran for the first time in Cambridge between October and December 2016 and we had lots of lovely people taking part with their blogs, video views, comments and much more. So, we’ve taken a look […]Continue reading “So I’m a big fan of sharing practice and approaches, so this is me sharing my review of 23 Research Things…with stats!”

Halfway through 23 Research Things

So today marks the upload of Thing 12 of my 23 Research Things programme which means we’re over halfway through. I was going to blog about the programme on a weekly basis but then life and work got in the way so hey. So far I think the programme is going pretty well. I thinkContinue reading “Halfway through 23 Research Things”

Creating a 23 Research Things programme

Today is the launch of the 23 Research Things programme that I have been working on and developing for the past few months. A lot of work has gone into it and over the next few weeks I will blog about the various Things as and when they are released. But I also wanted toContinue reading “Creating a 23 Research Things programme”

Am I ready for the researcher of the future?

Well…am I? To answer this question I went along to an all-day seminar run by ALPSP whose name kept on being mentioned as if they were also a well known mountain range which was very confusing. I normally don’t like the whole ‘future’ emphasis/descriptors that many training events use. I get that we need toContinue reading “Am I ready for the researcher of the future?”