Hi there! I’m George Cronin and I work for the University of Cambridge, helping deliver teaching and library services across the School of Biological Sciences.

I’ve worked in the higher education sector for over a decade and have worked up from my first job as a book fetcher (literally fetching books every day for people) to working as an educator with a focus on research support. I’ve helped polar explorers find interesting stuff about ice, advised on how to communicate complex scientific concepts to young children, and represented my profession at different levels from conferences to working on EU-wide projects.

I am active in the death positive movement and have written about weird and wonderful things including managing your identity after you die and what steps researchers can take to avoid the species they’re studying being poached.

To find out even more about me, check out my LinkedIn, my ORCID iD and my blog. I tweet at @senorcthulhu. You can also email me about anything on this site or if you have any questions that you think I might be able to answer.

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