Refreshing and readjusting

2019…it has been a year!

Literally everyone

I think the above quote captures my, and that of many other people, year last year. I started 2019 knowing that my job, and that of several other members of my team, was going to be restructured. Not drastically but enough to create a whole raft of challenges. I have gone from having a very wide research support remit of “all of STEMM” which was a bit intense, to just the School of Biological Sciences which is still intense but slightly more manageable.

My first few months of the year were spent essentially treading water until my new boss was hired. Their job was brand new and my job was brand new so there wasn’t much I could be getting on with until their started. They also had to wrap their heads around the weirdness that is Cambridge. And it is very weird. And complex.

To say that this period wasn’t stressful would be lying. It was. Not because of my new boss but because of that long period of not knowing what was going to happen. Would I get on with my new boss? Would I still enjoy the work that I was about to be taking on? Lots of unknowns, many of which have thankfully resolved themselves. My new boss is great, the work is challenging but rewarding. All is (mostly) well.

What I had also realised is that during this time, and arguably the months leading up to the start of 2019, I had stopped being as engaged with my profession. I’m not quite sure how this happened and I suspect it has happened to a lot of us at different times and for different reasons. The slow withdrawal from critically engaging with what is going on around us and just trying to cope with each day as it comes. I think I can identify a few things that led to my detachment but I won’t share them here.

In a nutshell, I am working on new things and developing new skills that I want to share. I want to write about stuff because it will not only help me but also possibly help others. So I’ve done an overhaul of my old WordPress blog, turned it into something resembling a website thing and I will use it as a tool for reflecting while also highlighting some of the cool projects I’m doing. I always find it fun to see what other people are doing so I want to share that experience back with everyone else. And to be honest, I’ve achieved a lot of things but I’m not very good at tooting my own horn about it. So consider this my tootin’ post. Thanks.

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