Top 5 things Millennials hate!

1. Sweeping generalisations of an entire age group based on poor scholarship. (see: digital natives)


2. Judgmental articles blaming Millennials for problems created by earlier generations.


3. Criticism of Millennials asking for (legal) fair pay and hours.


4. Being labelled as a selfish and apathetic generation when actually being engaged with global social issues.


5. Being called Millennials. Seriously. We hate it.


This post was inspired by a conversation with Ned Potter on Twitter about that awful article criticising Millennials for daring to have a work/life balance. As a supposed Millennial (urgh) myself, I am also aware how negative stereotypes can affect how we interact with members of this generation in our services, whether intentionally or otherwise. So I hope this post made you chuckle but also reflect. Thanks.


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