Those sharp-eyed ones among you may well have realised that I haven’t written on here since June 2015. Well that’s because epic things happened and the following months were swallowed up into some time-loop-abyss-work-thing.

To cut a long story short, I got a temporary promotion to cover a deputy librarian role (lots of work and a lot of fun)…I then saw an absolutely brilliant Research Support Librarian role going elsewhere in the University…I applied. I got it. And now here I am.

So I am now looking after the research needs of a huge and diverse community, namely the STEM community. Many of these researchers may have their own departmental libraries which is all well and good but I am in a library that is a sub-library of the main University Library so we sort of sit outside of the system. Confused yet?

In a nutshell, I don’t have a dedicated set of user groups but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I do look after anyone doing maths though so that’s ok. As for everyone else, well that’s where it gets interesting. Over the next few months I am going to be spending my time identifying key contacts in departments to collaborate with and see what gaps I can help fill in places that don’t have much library presence.

I am also looking at developing a rather sizeable user education programme that not only means lots of teaching from me but also me trying to pull in experts from around our community as well as developing things like YouTube videos and other content that can be used whenever and wherever people need it. So it’s an exciting time.

I will write up what I’m doing as I go because apart from anything else, just documenting it all will be helpful for me and might be of use to someone else too. Oh and I’m going to start writing about other stuff too as I’m supporting areas such as open access which throw up controversies on an almost daily basis so there’s a lot to engage with.

So thanks for sticking with me and here’s to a hopefully more active blog! Yay!


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