I live, I die. I LIVE AGAIN!

So those of you who are tuned in to popular culture should hopefully get my Mad Max: Fury Road reference here. If you haven’t seen it, it is very good.

It’s been a bit quiet on here for the past few months and that is mainly because my life has been rather epically busy as of late. The main thing that I did which I was most proud of was the amazing UX in Libraries conference. I was part of the conference committee and in charge of finances so all of the stuff that we bought, I made sure we paid for it while keeping on budget which was quite fun.

I also gave a 2 hour workshop on UX methods, and you can get my slides on SlideShare.

The conference was an insane amount of work to plan and run but it was a huge success which made it all worth it. There are lots of blog posts out there of how people found their time and conveniently Matthew Reidsma (one of our superb keynotes) has pulled them all together! Nice one.

Other than all things conference, I have been involved with the rather fun FutureLib project here at the University of Cambridge which is looking at new services and solutions to help users use libraries better, in the way they want and to promote what is actually out there for them to take advantage of. I’m specifically working with a team on a concept called SpaceFinder which, as the name suggests, helps people find spaces to do stuff in. We’re still in the early design-and-testing stages but overall it’s looking pretty good.

Since I last posted on here, I’ve spoken at several conferences and meetings:

I’ve been carrying on my UX research, much of which I really want to share so I will be writing posts about all of that soon so watch this space…

I’ve been involved in a working package looking specifically at UX as part of our rather complicated LMS replacement project for the entire University which has been interesting, but a lot of work.

I’m also writing a chapter for Andy Priestner and Matt Borg’s UX in Libraries book. Having never written a chapter for a book before, it has certainly been a steep learning curve for me and I’m in my fourth edit but hopefully I’ll get it done and you can read it in all it’s glory (and all the other excellent chapters) when it comes out in 2015/6.

At work, we’ve also done a ton of teaching and run focused sessions, like the Tweets ‘n’ Eats programme in late 2014.

Speaking of work, CJBS is about to go into a huge phase of building a new extension to the existing building, which conveniently is smack bang next to the Information Centre. They are doing fancy things with noise-reducing cladding but it’ll be an interesting challenge to add to the mix of offering our service on a day-to-day basis!

So, hope you’re all doing fabulously and watch this space for updates on my UX research and what we’ve been doing and finding out!

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