2 thoughts on “Blogging your research: getting your ideas out there!

  1. Inspiring advice! I think one of the things that puts people off as well is time. How much time a week would you recommed people spend doing blogging?

    PS Yay Jerry Coyne! Although he will obstinately refer to WEIT as a website, not a bl*g!

    1. Thanks so much! I realise that time is a major factor for people. Realistically, when you’re getting started out I would recommend posting relatively regularly…maybe once a week to two times a week. That way you build up a following and a buzz about your work. You can then afford to drop back to around every two weeks. I blog on here once a month and I don’t feel that that is enough but then I do find it hard to find the time to blog. However, if you find you can set an afternoon aside, write several blog posts and you can then schedule them to go out on their own, saving you some time and energy.

      Besides, blogposts don’t have to be that long. 500-800 words is pretty good. I always write more than that because I have far too much to say but then I do block out my text with headers as signposts to help my readers along which is good practice if you write lots.

      Jerry Coyne is a great blogger and he has a WordPress account so he can have a website/blog. Whatever he wants…it is his work after all! 🙂

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