Beep! Beep! Can I see your licence please?

Fabulous post from Andy Priestner (my boss!) about some new Social Media-related shenanigans we’ve been getting up to at Cambridge Judge Business School. It’s all rather good fun and fascinating to be involved with!


smdlcar Major breakthroughs here at my place of work in respect of social media. I get the feeling we’re at a tipping point or at the very least at a point at which my non-library co-workers are starting to recognise that there actually is a tipping point.

I’ve banged on about the value of social media here at Cambridge Judge Business School for nearly 5 years now, not always a lone voice, but often the most vocal, and I have long seen the need for education as to what it is social media can actually do for anyone researching or learning. Of course us librarians have been ahead of the curve on this for, well, years. It was way back in 2010 that Emma Coonan and I initiated the successful ‘Cam 23’ a 23 Things programme for library staff across the University (following on from the great work of Laura Wilkinson

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