CILIP membership – update

I feel I should be honest with you as my readers. Since my shockingly popular post on the CILIP 2014 hustings and the topic of membership fees, I have actually joined CILIP as an associate member.

My reason? I was asked by a colleague if I would be interested in being the Research Sector Representative on the ARLG Eastern Committee. I am very flattered and delighted to be offered this opportunity and so I took it. However, of course, to hold a portfolio position meant I had to cough up my £194 and join CILIP properly.

I am still unhappy with the fees level. I am still unhappy with what we seem to get for our money (which isn’t a huge amount). However, I feel that if I am ever going to make a difference with regards to this sort of thing, I can do it better as a member. Plus, I have not joined for life. I will see what CILIP has to offer and if, after a few years, it isn’t working out for me I can always stop my membership.

So yes, I am still unconvinced about the benefit of membership but I have joined so I can do something that I want to do rather than joining for the sake of it which is a bit better in my book.

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