#cilipnpd13 Workshop B: Developing professional skills

Workshop B:

Developing professional skills

Mandy Powell, Policy Officer, CILIP Wales



So, while I have blogged about each workshop from the New Professional Day in detail, Mandy’s session was quite different as it involved breaking up into groups and discussing stuff while writing even more stuff down on sticky notes and then presenting our findings to the rest of the workshop. As a result, I made no notes of my own. However, I found that the exercise was very helpful so I thought I might do a mini reenactment of the session here so that anyone reading can have a chance to mull things over in the same way that we did. Of course I won’t give you the answers because that wouldn’t allow for discussion and broadening our minds. [Update: Ok, maybe I will as Mandy is cool with it!] Plus, Mandy owns the material so I’m probably taking some liberties already!

We were initially split up into different groups and given the names of several members of the Monty Python group. My group was Connie which I found rather amusing to start with!

Mandy then gave us all a sheet with a single action on it. We had to discuss this action and consider the following three points:

  • What skills will it help you develop?
  • How would you start?
  • How would you improve?

There were six actions altogether and they were:



Joining a SIG (Special Interest Group) Committee



Event organising/volunteering

These areas and points to consider gave us a lot of things to talk about and now I would like anyone reading this to think about them too and, if you’re feeling brave, leave me a comment or blog about it yourself. If you do blog, let me know on Twitter (@senorcthulhu) so I can read what you thought about it all. Also, let Mandy know and I’m sure she would find it all interesting!

So, a rather interactive blog post for once!

Final thoughts

Mandy was a great speaker and she was incredibly enthusiastic and this enthusiasm for the profession and taking an active role in our professional development was rather infectious. It really made me have a whole new appreciation for advocacy, blogging and generally engaging in a myriad of different way for CPD and outreach.

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