CILIP New Professionals Day 2013

CILIP signage by Jo Alcock via Flickr
CILIP signage by Jo Alcock via Flickr

I was lucky enough to be able to attend CILIP’s New Professionals Day this year. I wasn’t too sure what to expect but the day was really productive and massively inspiring. Being surrounded by fellow new pros and hearing about all the different ways in which I could mould my career into whatever I wanted was rather brilliant!

I had never been to CILIP HQ in London and it was a rather lovely place to spend a day. The venue was great, the staff were wonderfully friendly and the refreshments and lunch (burritos!) were brilliant. I travelled down from Cambridge and got there ridiculously early so I managed to get my first choice for all the sessions for the day. It was also lovely to bump into some familiar folk and to also meet some completely new people.

As all the sessions were really in-depth and sparked a lot of thoughts and ideas, I will blog about each one separately. To help people navigate to them, I will also place a list of links on this post as and when I upload my various entries. I know others are writing about sessions that I didn’t go to so I will link to them as and when they appear online!

I hope that you find reading about the NPD 2013 as enjoyable as I found being there. If you didn’t get a chance to go this year and are unsure about going next year, GO! While I am not a CILIP member, the registration fee was rather tiny (£20 in the end I think) and you have a chance to learn a lot and meet lots of fantastic speakers and fellow librarian colleagues.

The programme for the day was as follows (the sessions I attended will be in bold):

9:30 am – Registration

10:30 am – Welcome from Matthew Wheeler, CILIP Member Adviser

10:40 am – Keynote presentation: A librarian by any other name… Barbara Band, Head of Library and Resources, The Emmbrook School & CILIP Vice-President

11:10 am – Refreshments


11:40 am – Workshops: Session 1

Workshop A – That media librarianship gameshow. Laura Williams, Media Logistics Coordinator, ITV

Workshop B- Ka Ming Pang, Website & Promotions Librarian at St George’s, University of London, Customer Services Information Assistant at the Royal College of Nursing


12:15 pm Workshops: Session 2

Workshop A – Digital libraries: modern skills mix for modern library services. Nick Stopforth, Head of Libraries and Information, Doncaster Council

Workshop B – A career in legal information management. Ian Hunter, Library & Information Manager, Shearman & Sterling LLP & Natasha Choolhun, Library Coordinator, The University of Law


1:00 pm Lunch


2:00 pm Workshops: Session 3

Workshop A – “I’m not a careers adviser”: Information roles in careers services. Matt Bedwell, Information Assistant; Victoria Stevenson, Information Specialist; Megan Wiley, Acting Head of Information Services, Careers Service, University of Bristol

Workshop B – Heaven or Hell: my life inside – a career in prison libraries. Chris Billing, Librarian, HMP Haverigg


2:45 pm Workshops: Session 4

Workshop A – True or false? Mythbusting the NHS and health librarianship. Victoria Treadway, Clinical Librarian, Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Workshop B – Developing professional skills. Mandy Powell, Policy Officer, CILIP Wales


3:30 Refreshment break

3:50 Panel discussion

4:30 Close


I selected my sessions based on what I found most relevant or interesting to my own personal career and existing focus. While the parallel sessions looked fascinating, I couldn’t go to them all. I heard that the sessions that I didn’t attend were very useful so I look forward to reading other people’s write-ups about them.

I also had to dash off just before the end of the day because my 6 am start and lunchtime burrito were beginning to take their toll so I did not stay for the last panel discussion session.

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