What’s going on around here?

ABC-Analyse by Oliver Tacke via Flickr
ABC-Analyse by Oliver Tacke via Flickr

So I’ve just tweaked the theme on my blog so sorry if it confused you! I quite like it!

I realise that I have neglected this librarian blog quite a bit. I haven’t meant to, I’ve just been really really busy. I have completed my MSc dissertation, handed it in in September and I should get my results in a few weeks. I am rather nervous but really looking forward to knowing how I did.

If all goes well, I will post my dissertation on my academia.edu profile for folk to use and cite as and when they please. I’m a big believer in democratising knowlege and information and if my little project can help others decide on service provision and other matters, then why not share away!

I did mean to keep a regular blog about my studies as and when I did them but honestly, it was enough work holding down a full time job which keeps me busy AND doing part-time studies when I got home every evening. I think I can be forgiven.

Overall though, I found the Northumbria University library course very useful. The content was really interesting, I felt motivated throughout and apart from a few admin-related teething problems (confusion with fees in the second year), I’d give the whole programme a big thumbs up.

Only weird thing about it is that they switched how the MA/MSc element was awarded as I started and I’ve never seen it done that way before. In essence, you complete your taught element and get awarded a PGDip. Then you can proceed to do your dissertation and your MA/MSc grade is awarded purely on how you do with this piece of work. None of the PGDip counts towards your final final grade. In theory, all you need to do is pass the PGDip element to continue on. This bothered me a bit as it was a bit disheartening to find that my rather good PGDip grade wouldn’t count towards anything past itself. The University did list this element as a factor in the student handbook that we had to read but in all honesty, it was pretty jargony and I don’t think many of us really absorbed what it meant until it was spelled out to us by our tutors.

Regardless of this, I really enjoyed doing my dissertation and I just want to get my result, go to my graduation ceremony and enjoy wearing a silly gown again!

Aside from my professional studies, I am enjoying my work as I have lots of different projects on. Among my many different responsibilities I am:

  • Organising the 2014 Polar Libraries Colloquy which is co-hosted by SPRI and BAS
  • Carrying out research as part of an Arctic Libraries Network project for the EU
  • Assisting with preparing our electronic library catalogue (1980s in all its glory!) for a conversion and switch to the University’s Voyager system
  • Working with the Education team at SPRI to develop new library education resources and sessions

Phew! So you can see why I have been so busy! I do want to blog more and I definitely will post when something interesting comes up like a recent debate on Twitter sparked by this blog post by Andy Priestner. I may still blog about the issues raised online if I have a chance to remember what they all were!

Either way, I appreciate the views and comments and everything else! Until next time!

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