23 Things 2.0

So, this is my first proper 23 Things post of 2011. I’m quite looking forward to this!

Thing 1: Set up a Google ID and create an iGoogle page

I did this last year and posted about it. I’m still using my iGoogle page as my homepage at work and it is rather handy! I have gadgets for blogs that I follow, arty things to give me a bit of a creative boost during the day, the news and weather and of course my Google Calendar so I know what I’m supposed to be doing on any given day. I liked it then and I love it now, especially as I am in a job where I can actually use it to its full potential.

Thing 2: Creating a Blog

Clearly, another thing that I have already done. I changed up my theme the other day and I quite like the Hitchcock vibe that I have going on now. Is it legible though? Feedback would be appreciated! Leave a comment! I quite like noir and horror stuff so it fits in with my interests/aesthetic quite nicely.

As an extra “thing” I decided to add a cause to my blog. Under my current blog theme, it appears at the very bottom of each page. I am supporting the Trevor Lifeline and with a few clicks of a mouse, you can too! No money involved! Just play with some sponsored ads and you can accumulate points which will equal enough for one call to Trevor. Seeing as one call could easily save someone’s life, seeing as this charity works with LGBTQ youth and focused specifically on suicide prevention. So, if your call is used by someone on the edge, just think what a difference the lovely people at Trevor could make for that individual. Thanks!

Thing 3: RSS Feeds

Did these last time. Love them, still use them. An excellent way of keeping tabs on all the things you are interested in. I’ve added loads of RSS feeds to my iGoogle page and I can now relax in the knowledge that I won’t miss any important updates from my blogs of choice!

Thing 4: Twitter

When we covered this last year, I was rather unimpressed by the whole thing. I got very “harumph” about the whole thing.

However, since then I have used Twitter to follow people of interest such as Neil Gaiman, my favourite author and I have just recently linked this blog to my Twitter feed with the hope that once it has all synched up, my posts will pop up there too!

I’m still a bit shifty about the whole thing, and I can’t really explain why anymore, but I’m slowly warming to it. By the way, the bunny is a Rabbit of Disapproval. Its a meme.

All the extra bits to this Thing look fab and I have been already using some of them without realising. I just mentioned that I’ve synched my blog which is the Twitterfeed taken care of and I love Bit.ly. So so useful when you have one of those essay-length addresses that you either want to blog, share or email. However, if short stuff isn’t your thing, then visit this URL lengthening website. Sounds painful! It does keep you safe so you can check what you’re being linked to in case its pr0n (web speak for the naughty browser history stuff) or a virus.


Right! So that is my first 23 Things post done! In fairness I know I have an unfair advantage by having done a lot of it all before but it has been fun revisiting old posts and old thoughts about all this fancy tech stuff!




8 thoughts on “23 Things 2.0

  1. I like the Hitchcockian layout and the summary of the points to date. Need to wear my glasses to read the white on black, but that is because my eyes are not as young as my hair colour

  2. I love the theme, very cool. Thanks for the tip about URL lengtheners, didn’t know about that! (Though I usually use Twitter through Hootsuite now and that has a little + button next to shortened URLs that shows you what you’re clicking on.)

    1. This is true. Well I’ll see how long I like it and then when WordPress inevitably release something else that looks shiny and neat, I’ll switch to that! Thanks for clicking on the Trevor stuff though. It is an important cause, especially in the US.

  3. Hello from a Cam23 newbie. Lovely Saul Bass theme – I think the severed hands at the bottom are from the title sequence of Anatomy of a Murder. Just right for a library blog – a gentle reminder to patrons of the necessity of returning books on time.

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