Warning! Nerd post alert!

So, as I’m sure you have realised, as technology progresses, so does the need for the average librarian to know more and more about tricky tech. To be honest, most average people need to know more about tech! I had been having issues with my lovely Lenovo laptop overheating and turning itself off without any notice to stop itself from melting. As my laptop was only a year old and the warranty had just run out, I took matters into my own hands.

Thank you Youtube! With one simple video, I managed to take my laptop apart and clean its fan! Problem solved! Admittedly this was made dramatically easier by the fact that Lenovos are built with everything accessible behind a few simple panels on the underside of the machine. During my research, I found a comedy video song, recounting the “joys” of trying to clean the fan of an HP laptop. Thank you Lenovo for being amazing!
See for yourselves!

And now the Lenovo one that I followed (warning, do not turn your speakers up as the video has a screaming toddler in the background!)

See the difference? As the chap in the song video notes, companies clearly make it really hard for Joe Average to get into their machines to do what is essentially, a simple maintenance job, thereby ensuring the machine dies an early death and the consumer has to go and fork out for another expensive piece of poorly put together nonsense!

How much I learnt this weekend! I might even try and explore how to do more fiddly upgrades such as RAM and other things. Oh, FYI, the person who did the useful tutorial video also has one for replacing a Lenovo harddrive. Ridiculously simple! Apologies if you don’t have a Lenovo, but hopefully this will help you in the future if you ever plan on buying a new machine. Plus, Lenovo absorbed IBM a while back so they have good kit!

Here endeth the post!

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