It rises!

Yes! I’m back! Not that anyone really missed me but I’m back all the same!

A lot has happened over the past year-ish since I last posted. I completed that pesky 23 Things which turned out to be a lot of fun in the end, I’ve moved jobs and have applied to do a Librarianship MA in September 2011! Lots of shifting around but it has all been good!

I thought I’d fire this old girl up again and try and stick to what I originally intended to do, which was blog about librarian stuff. Of course, I fully intend on segwaying into other related areas that you may find interesting, but I will try and keep it remotely on target to make it all still relevant!

The lovely people behind last year’s Cam 23 have started another one for those who didn’t get a chance to do it all last year. A large bulk of the “things” are ones that I did already but I have been tempted back with the promise of there being ones that I won’t have done and could still participate that way. So I will!

Reading over last year’s posts, I realise that I got rather fed up at certain things that I am now finding really useful but I am leaving my old posts the way they are because they reflected my mood at the time. I was very “grr argh” about things like Facebook but I have since created a Facebook page for our Library, created a library on LibraryThing to reflect our in-house New Books Display and have many plans in the pipeline with my Librarian to spruce up the Library website and make it shine with useful tech. That said, I’m still not a complete convert to the world of Twitter but I have converted to Prezi (as opposed to SlideShare) and other things that just were not relevant to me a year ago.

So, I will blog as often as I can. I will do the “things” when I spot ones that weren’t around last year and I will post anything else that I find interesting and hope you all do to!


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