23 Things, Thing 22

Thing 22 is all about wikis. I’m not really sure about what I can write about this topic.

I’ve never used wikis in my work but after watching the video and SlideShare presentation on Cam23’s entry on the topic, I definitely can see the benefits. As I understand it, a wiki is pretty similar to the Google Documents programme that we covered a few Things back. People can log in, edit a document, add or remove things and generally contribute to the group’s discussion of a certain topic or project.

Sounds good to me! I did have a look around at some other library wikis but none really popped out at me as being particularly useful. They all achieved what they seemed to set out to do which is great. I supposed the Library Routes wiki was pretty handy as it gave me a chance to browse about on details of how other people got to where they are now as librarian which was quite interesting. I won’t be contributing however as I am not far enough into my own career to really have anything worthwhile talking about.

As for how I could use wikis in my day-to-day work, well…in the same way I can use Google Documents. Share, edit and collaborate over a project. I like the online method of sharing a mutual aim, especially if it avoids pesky paperwork and horrendously long email clogging up my inbox with about 100 replies all crammed onto one long message.

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