23 Things, Thing 21

So Thing 21 is all about podcasts.

I’m not all that sure as to how much statistically podcasts have really taken off over the years, but I know I have never really used the purely audio varient. I can see the benefit of them and how flexible they allow for radio listeners to be if they’ve missed their favourite show. Giving people the power to mould their media interests around their more pressing commitments such as work is a great thing and I heartily support them.

I’m not too sure how the purely audio podcast would work in the library setting. I listened to several of the podcasts that the Cam23 post for this Thing provided and they were very good, but I’m not sure how effective they could be. However, as YouTube has been mentioned, I can discuss the efficacy of that far better.

Having a visual guided tour of  a library is, for me, a far superior method of encouraging students to come in more than an audio description that could be very easy to tune out of. The joy of a visual podcast means that you can make your tour as fun and as colourful as you like, enticing a harassing student in to your shelves with helpful arrow animations and the occasional joke to calm them down.

I absolutely love this video:

It lightens the mood of a potentially stuffy library image, gets a smile from the viewer and also informs the individual about the services on offer without them even realising that they’re been informed. Its a brilliant use of an effective marketing campaign and applying it to the library world.

I think a library can benefit greatly from having a select few video on their introductory sections of their webpages. As far as having a more regular stream of podcasts, I’m not quite sure how that would work. Any new books or news would be broadcast on your news section surely? Having additional podcasts would just be time-consuming and expensive. I think the trick with podcasts and the libraries is: keep it simple. Have a tour video, have a walkthrough of Newton, have an example of a student going from needing a book to finding and borrowing said book. Simple!

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