23 Things, Thing 20

So Thing 20 is all about Google Documents which is a service that I have already had the chance to use to some degree.

One could argue that sharing a document in this way isn’t that different to emailing a file around for people to see. I would disagree because Google Documents allows for those who are on the “shared with…” list can edit and add to the pre-existing document without the need to re-email yet another file around for someone to download onto their already full work hard drive!

I had yet to create a document from scratch myself as I was often the recipient, so I found the chance to create and share very useful. I put something together, shared it will a fellow Cam23er and sat with them as they opened their GoogleDoc email that had automatically generated so I could see how my file has transferred across. It was a thoroughly painless process and I will certainly be using this Google service in the future. After all my reluctance with iGoogle, I really like this sharing idea and can definitely see its implementation when working on a group project. Not only does it allow effective sharing of items but it also allows for people to brainstorm ideas without the need for a structured face-to-face meeting which are often quite tricky to organise when many people are busy with conflicting schedules.

I know I haven’t written my usually large amount about this Thing but its really such a simple little programme that I don’t really have too much to quibble over! Definitely something that I’ve been glad to explore more and will use again!

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