23 Things, Thing 17

So Thing 17 is all about LinkedIn. The best way that I can describe LinkedIn from an outsider’s perspective is that it seems to be a professional version of Facebook. Instead of all your hobbies and favourite films, your profile consists of your work and education history.

I have heard of people being head-hunted from LinkedIn by businesses keen to find interesting new employees and I have had many an opportunity to look up fellow librarian and feel decidedly intimidated by their work history and qualifications!

Now I personally will not be signing up to LinkedIn. While I’m sure it is excellent to have yet another online presence to increase your chances of being found/recognised/other, I’m loathed to put such detailed information about myself online. What with the Facebook privacy debacle and experts repeatedly warning us about identity theft and the like, the thought of putting something as valuable as your entire CV online for a lot of people to look at without even having to have “Friends Only” access seems quite unsettling to me.

However, that is just my personal opinion and I would never wish to stop anyone else from sharing such information as they see fit. I get the importance of being Internet savvy and being searchable on Google, but I might be a bit of a traditionalist when I feel that someone trying to get in touch with me in person is far more worthy than running my name through a search engine. If I’m going to be head-hunted, I would prefer it was for my reputation and skills rather than how quickly my name pops up on a search results page.

I’m probably being too picky about this and I do like that there is a service out there for you to share whatever details you wish in a more professional setting, but its not for me. It seems like an excellent service for connecting to other professionals in your field and maybe when I have a bit more to broadcast about my self in a professional context I would be more inclined to use such a platform. For now though, I can use LinkedIn to look up fellow librarians and get some inspiration on how to pursue my career and what qualifications other people have worked towards!

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