23 Things, Thing 12

Mmm-hmm! That looks like some delicious spagetti bolognese. But of course, Thing 12 isn’t about food (even though that would be brilliant!), its about Delicious, the bookmarking website!

I’ve seen the Delicious icon at the bottom of most of the articles that I read online now and I always wondered what it was, but never took the time to find out. As with RSS feeds, the Cam23 programme has allowed for me to do that! I was not planning on signing up to the Delicious service, but then I realised it is owned by Yahoo! which means I can use my pre-existing Yahoo! ID to sign in. Very handy!

Once I uploaded my own bookmarks and sorted them out a bit, I fully appreciated the usefulness of Delicious as a tool for organising things. As I scrolled through the bookmarks that I had uploaded from my Firefox browser, I not only realised I had bookmarked interesting things to read that I had forgotten to come back to, but also that I had bookmarked some guff which needed removing as it was no longer relevant! I find being able to consult my bookmarks on one (or two) full pages very useful, as is the option to tag things into a more manageable order.

I would have found this website invaluable when I was writing my final year undergraduate dissertation as I had to do a heck of a lot of web hunting for obscure military service articles and browse journal-upon-journal about mental health (I did my dissertation on PTSD in the military FYI) . Having a nifty site such as Delicious to store them all on, especially when I had to slog it out on a library PC rather than my laptop, would have saved a lot of time and would have meant I didn’t lose essential sources which I would only discover when I was trying to put my bibliography together!

Browsing what other people have bookmarked was enjoyable as certain bookmarks led to other articles and other areas that were just as interesting.

In the library context, having a resource for librarians and students to access a concise and labeled set of bookmarks that they might find useful for whatever reason, is excellent. Not only can you benefit from someone else’s googling in a topic, but you can also contribute to a burgeoning collection of online resources and articles. An excellent example of people working together to get information shared and appreciated by many and in many different ways.

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