23 Things, Thing 7

This is the HistoricLol equivalent of me and Twitter right now:

So…this Thing was to set up and use a Twitter account. Call me a grumpy old fart (which I’m not! I’m in my mid-twenties!) but I find the concept of Twitter most irritating. Not to belittle anyone who loves and uses Twitter on a daily basis, because I do appreciate that it is fabulous for many people. I however am still to be convinced.

Setting up my account was pretty easy, even though I don’t like the fact that your real name is displayed on your main Twitter profile. I know you use your real name on stuff like Facebook but I feel that is the only place I can really use my real name and not feel worried that I’ll have my identity stolen by some hacker in China who is overthrowing Google. So, to make myself feel better from my delusional fear, I am going by the moniker of “Mistress of Cardies”.

Now I know that I started this blog post with a grumble and a whinge but I find that my experience of Twitter greatly depends on what sort of thing I follow. Once I’d set up my account, I started diligently looking at fellow 23 Thingers’ Twitter pages and it was a mixed experience. Some were very simple and easy to follow while others had been chatting and replying to many other users and I found it a bit difficult to follow all the one-sided, out of context comments and conversations. However, I managed to find some solace in the fact that some of my favourite authors and other such folk are on Twitter and have fairly neat profiles that I can follow without too much panic.

In a library context, I had a look at some of the current Cambridge libraries that use Twitter and I must say that I can certainly appreciate the benefit of having something like this online service for the communication of up-to-date information. The UL twitter page for example, is very concise with a lot of information about opening times, up-and-coming events and a lot of information from its dependent libraries. The Education Faculty’s Twitter page is also very informative without too much guff distracting from the important stuff. I can certainly appreciate the usefulness of Twitter in a commercial context and greatly support its use for libraries. I suppose my reluctance to take it up personally is that I already do status updates and the like on Facebook and that is enough for me. Plus I do blog so I can get what I want to say said in more than 140 words!

I’ll keep plugging away at Twitter and see what I can get done with it. Who knows? This Twitter-sceptic might become a convert by the end of the 23 Things program, and if not…I can always click on the “deactivate account” button!

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