23 Things Week 1 Thing 2

Good grief! My total page views over the weekend have spiralled up to a heady 52! Thank you all for making me feel relevant and well-read!

I have now completed the second task for Week 1 of 23 Things and quite frankly it was a doddle! This was mainly down to the excellent step-by-step instructions on the 23 Things blog . The second task was to add the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed for the 23 Things blog to my iGoogle page.

I can see how useful this could be as you can read a blog or website in brief without necessarily having to navigate to the site itself. If something looks interesting then you click on it, thereby saving yourself some potentially wasted surfing time.

In my teenage years I had a livejournal blog and one of my favourite authors Neil Gaiman had a RSS feed from his main website’s blog which meant that it appeared in my “friends” section of my blog, which meant I could read his entries alongside everyone else’s all in one place. It was very nifty and exciting to use!

The next few tasks are up on 23 Things so I better get cracking on those over the next few days!

Oh and for anyone who is based in Cambridge, there is an interesting talk called ‘Death 2.0: What Becomes of Digital Assets after Death?’ at Wolfson College tomorrow night from 6pm-7.15pm. Its an Arcadia Seminar and looks pretty interesting! Details can be found here.

2 thoughts on “23 Things Week 1 Thing 2

  1. Hello again,

    I’m really pleased you found the instructions for Thing 2 easy to follow – hooray!

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