A friend gave me the idea to try making a word cloud out of my undergraduate degree dissertation and the results were quite fun! I wonder if anyone can guess what I actually wrote about?

If anyone wants to test it out themselves, wordle.net is pretty good. You just copy and paste your text into the box they provide, or use a url link and then the website will do the rest! You can alter the font, colour scheme and shape of your final word cloud result and then save it to a “public library”. Now the site does recommend that you don’t leave any personal/sensitive information in at this point as, as the title suggests, your word cloud will be published for the world to see.

I managed to get my word cloud into a more manageable format to re-post by doing a Print Screen shot. There should be a button on your keyboard to do this (it normally says “PrtSc”) and then this copies your screen at the moment of pressing the button. Then use the paste function to get it into a program such as Microsoft Paint and then you can save it as a jpg. file. Simple!

Anyway, here is my little word cloud.

Hope you have fun!

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