Blog Views!

Ye gods! I logged on today to discover that my blog views have steadily increased from a dejected 0 to an outstandingly healthy 18 views so far today!

Thank you all for popping over to have a look at what I have to say! Oh and thank you to Emma who tweeted about my blog! Much appreciated!

I can’t quite figure out why I don’t appear on google searches. I have ticked the box to let my blog be searchable by engines and the like. Hmm…must figure that out! At the moment if I put my blog title into google, I get far too many stories about Jade Goody’s widow and if I put in my username, google helpfully changes it to “cardio and tweed”. As intriguing as the latter search sounds, I’d rather it would link to me. Tips anyone?

As I am on my tea break at work, I better flee but I do promise that I will do the second part of 23 Things’ Week 1 tasks and will blog about the results!

2 thoughts on “Blog Views!

  1. ‘Cardio and tweed’ *grin*
    I don’t know how I managed to get my blog to appear in search listings – I’m on WordPress too. It started showing up a couple of days after I started it so maybe there’s just a delay!

    1. I did do a bit of reading on the WordPress Support pages and the like and apparently there can be a fairly substantial delay between WordPress notifying Google of the new website (or blog address) and Google actually adding it to their listings. Oh well! I’ll just wait! 🙂

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