23 Things

Today is the launch day of an exciting new project within the Cambridge University Library (and libraries) world. 23 Things was originally started by the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenberg County, USA and was most recently run by Oxford University.

The whole point of the programme is to introduce library staff across the university to Web 2.0 technologies and you essentially spend some time over the next 12 weeks following the tasks set through the 23 Things blog and then blogging about your progress. Its all about encouraging librarians to get to grips with technologies that could help them spread information, news etc. using methods such as RSS feeds, widgets and all-sorts to their readers. Basically, the programme will explore the relevance of such new tech in a library context.

Even though I like to think I’m pretty clued up on all the new tech that is out there, I must confess that I haven’t used many of the things that the programme is looking at so I’m really keen to learn something new that I could apply to a relevant library situation.

I’ve sort of cheated slightly by already having a blog to track my progress through the programme, as setting up a blog is one of the Week 2 tasks! Oops! Hopefully they won’t mind too much that I’ve done my homework in advance!

So, as well as blogging about library stuff generally, I’m going to add posts about the 23 Things course over the next few weeks. Let’s see how I get on then!

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