23 Things Week 1 Thing 1

So the first of the two 23 Things tasks for Week 1 have been posted and as I am home from work with an evil bout of a chest infection, I thought I’d do something remotely productive whilst coughing.

Today’s first task is setting up an iGoogle account and then building an iGoogle page. Now I must confess, I’ve been pretty reluctant to use Google products. I have a really great friend who works for Google in Washington DC and so I probably should already have a bit of support for the company through that connection yet I’m still wary. I suppose the librarian in me is suspicious of their massive project to create an online free library where people can access complete texts without any need for copyright etc. This has caused legal issues all over the place and as a supporter of the rights of authors and of course library access, this potential infringement of many different copyright rules has made me back away from the whole Google brand. Saying that I use their search engine on a daily basis, so I’m not exactly 100% free from their products!

Anyway, as this is an educational exercise, I thought “what the heck”, and gave it a go. Setting up an iGoogle account was as straight forward as setting up most online accounts, whether its for an email account or for getting onto Facebook. The hardest bit was probably finding a decent name that hundreds of other users had already taken! Once logged in, I was offered the chance to set up some basic parameters for my page by ticking some “Interests”  boxes, selecting a snazzy background theme and setting my global location. Having done that, I was left with a page that had lots of editable boxes called “Gadgets” that reflected the “Interests” options that I had ticked. I decided to delete a few of them because they were slightly irrelevant to me, but I did like that fact that by setting my global location, I had local weather information and details of local gigs and other such things.

Once having messed around a bit, the next bit of the task was to add a COPAC (Academic and Specialised National Catalogue) gadget. So I clicked on the “Add Stuff” link, searched for COPAC and added the gadget with a quick mouse click.

I was then directed to create a separate tab entitled “Library Stuff” and then to move the COPAC gadget into this separate tab. It was quite a nifty way of keeping themed gadgets together without clogging up my main iGoogle page, so I could look at my entertainment and news stuff and then switch to work-mode by selecting the “Library Stuff” tab, without the more procrastinator-ish gadgets distracting me from any library work that I would need to get on with.

All-in-all a very good first task which allowed me to get to grips with something that I had initially been a bit cautious about, but actually found to be very handy and I can definitely see the potential for its application for more efficient work and communication.

7 thoughts on “23 Things Week 1 Thing 1

  1. Hello there (I’m writing to you without finding out who you are so can’t address you by name)
    First: love your blog name, made me laugh, thank you.
    Second: think your descriptions about the processes are very good and clear.
    Third: agree with you about the google thing – and other proprietary software – and I have written a footnote in one of my posts asking that we look at Free and Open Source Software.
    I use google as my main but not only search engine at work, but I don’t at hope – instead I use googlescraper http://scroogle.org/cgi-bin/scraper.htm
    Fourth: sorry this came out as a list but am trying to do too many things in too short a time and having to discipline myself this way.

    1. Hello Sarah!

      Thank you for being the first person to comment on my blog! I am honoured!

      My name is Georgina by the way. I try to keep slightly anonymous on ye olde Interweb, but a first name can’t hurt!

      I’m glad you found my blog name funny! I thought I’d play on the brilliant librarian stereotypes that exist out there. I’m glad my post was pretty clear as I was hoping that if someone wasn’t doing the 23 Things programme then they would still get some benefit from reading my blog!

      I agree completely about google and thank you for recommending an alternative. I remember the days when Yahoo! used to be my first port of call and then all of a sudden an exotic “google” came out. I resisted the change for about a week!

      I had a sneaky look at your blog and its great! I especially love the librarians do Lady Gaga video! I’ll have to watch it properly later when I’m on a computer with speakers!

      Thank you again for stopping by and commenting in such a lovely way! Hope to speak to you again and who knows…as the Cambridge community is so small, I’m sure we’ll bump into one another at some point!

      1. I don’t know if you have a twitter account yet, in case you don’t and would prefer something less commercial, you could try ident.ca (just search for identica). I’ve signed up with them although I do have a twitter account as well. re privacy on the web, I don’t kid myself that I retain much anonymity but I generally sign up to things with made up names.


      2. I have been meaning to get a Twitter account and I probably will over the course of 23 Things but I will have a look into indent.ca too! Thank you!

        And yeah, I know I can’t keep my anonymity that well online but heck, I can always try! I very rarely ever give out information online that I wouldn’t give out in real life so *shrugs*. If a guy I saw in a documentary is to be believed, Facebook was started by the CIA anyway! 🙂

  2. Hello Georgina,

    I’m glad you liked the first task and found the objectives straightforward.

    Your blog is great – lots of positive comments on the first Thing (which we like!)
    and at least one other participant has found what you said useful. I’m sure other people who are not every familiar with iGoogle will do too.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of the programme!


    1. Thank you! You’re very kind and I’m delighted that someone else has found my blog useful! That was what I was aiming for! Brilliant! I’m really looking forward to the rest of the programme.

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