The first post…

So here we are. With all the wonderful words that exist in the entire world and I cannot think of what to write!

We are at the peak of exam time here in Cambridge which means frenzied students (and researchers!) desperately trying to get their hands on the same copies of the same book that someone  has already ordered ahead of them. As I work in a legal deposit library, we hold single copies of all of our stock which means once something is gone…it’s gone!

So I have spent much of my time looking for books that I know I won’t find and advising students of where else to go to find their elusive tome, knowing that their fellow students probably have already stolen the book in question away to their rooms.

I sympathise with the average student at this time of year because even though I don’t have to panic about deadlines myself,  I remember the nerves bubbling away under the surface as I tried to get on with revision and structuring that last essay due tomorrow. Now of course, I get the panic but its more due to the fact that I know that all those students will demand more and more from us as librarians. More service, quicker fetching of books…the list goes on.

So when exam season hits for you students out there…I feel your pain! Literally! In my feet as I rush about trying to help you guys out!

I also sympathise because when the summer break arrives, we all breathe easier!

Good luck to all you academics out there in this time of stress, late nights (filled with excessive caffine consumption) and overworkedness!

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